An Invitation To Serious...


Do you have a burning desire ... own your own business.

If So Then You Should Grab The Licensed Rights To One of More Than 50 Communities Currently
Being offered throughout Utah!

We"re Offering The Online & Offline Business Opportunity

of A Lifetime!

All Turnkey and Positioned on the Most Advanced and Powerful, Next Generation...

WEB 3.

Online Marketing Platform!


We Are

Seeking Master Etrepreneurs

Yes, The Highest Caliber individuals with a back ground in executive sales and managerial experience, to become the next level Master Entrepreneurs to develop & manage a community marketplace.
We are seeking Entrepreneur's who are self driven and willing to be trained in our powerful turnkey marketing system. A system that will take you to a level of success few entrepreneurs ever reach on their own. 
A Question...
If someone was willing to ...

  • invest their time, money and expertise

  • to train educate and certify you

  • in one of the most powerful and in-demand services

  • for the small businesses of America


  • provide you with all of the tools and services you would ever need,

  • guarantee your success if you were to follow, teach, train and implement that same plan

  • in an exclusively owned territory of your own,

Would you be  willing to :

  • Make a solid commit

  • dedicate your time, talents
    and energy

  • Work hard

  • Take the necessary training

  • Train others

And work a proven plan...

to secure your life long success?
Why Do I Ask?  Because...

There Is A Perfect Storm Brewing In Your


Now Is The Time To Take Advantage of That 
Perfect Storm!

The Perfect opportunity doesn't come along very often. But when it does it takes the right person to be in the right frame of mind to recognize it. 

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Do you recognize opportunity in the midst of a disastrous storm? If you do then you might be just the person we are seeking. 
Are You The Perfect Entrepreneur?
Storm Element #1

The small businesses positioned in the local communities are struggling to make the shift to adapting the digital strategies of marketing and sales because they just don't have access to the education and support it takes to implement and manage the variety of powerful tools that are available to them. They are also challenged with the online e-commerce that is overtaking the brick a mortar retail arena so there are many who still don't have an online presence to sell their goods and services.

Storm Solution:  

Community Manager Entrepreneurs! Now is the time for local businesses to step into the competitive environment of obtaining, retaining and serving the local consumers online as well as offline! And therein lies the opportunity of a lifetime for Qualified Entrepreneurs.



Storm Element #2

The Local Consumers are demanding easier & more convenient access to more relevant products & services at their fingertips. They are demanding...

  • more excellent service

  • same day delivery from the local providers.

  • all local business be accessible in one place

  • a local presence of business owners they know, like, and trust

  • online access to local products and services

  • more convenience to search, shop and buy

  • daily deals and coupons

  • Etc.

Don't Let This Rare Opportunity Slip by You!  
Millions of small business In America need our services now. By Making Your Community Your Business You can be the one to provide the most Comprehensive Turnkey System to the success of the many other Small Businesses in your community. You will begin to generate a lucrative residual income that will last a lifetime while assisting to Reboot the Economy in your community. You will also be providing the most convenient means for local consumers to shop at their local businesses. It's a Win, Win, & Win for all!

So If Your Are... one of the millions of people in America... searching for the right opportunity to break out on your own and start your own business ...

...And You Have A True Desire to Earn Upwards Of $150,000/yr... 

It's Dream Time Entrepreneurs

The Objective

Tradigicom360  (TD360) is currently rolling out one of the most aggressive online marketing efforts ever undertaken on a national level for online marketing. Our focus is aimed at the greater success by leveling the playing field for the locally owned small small businesses who make up the heartbeat of our communities.



Then Don't Wait
Any longer!
Take this rare opportunity to see if you qualify to own an exclusive Turnkey Community of your choice in Utah. You could soon own the  exclusive marketing rights coupled with the most lucrative residual income potential in the industry. 

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If you have a desire to be in your own business and would like to have an entire team of professionals backing you up, you need to explore this opportunity Now.

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Community Director

When you become one of our Community Manager Licensees you will become a part of the most powerful, game changing, turnkey community martketing sytems on the internet.

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Team Meeting

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Community Associate

View Qualifications

Everything you need for success is included. The income is unlimited. The support and training is non stop. You can work from home, and build a business in your community that has a potential future value in the milllions of dollars.

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Business Brainstorm
We are currently launching all communities in Utah.
It's an intellectual property  grab!
Claim your community now!
  • No Interest Financing is available after a negotiable down payment. ( Not necessarily required)
  • Payments come directly from profits. No Profits no payments.
Qualifying is determined from your work back ground
...not your financial history.
Note: If you would like to reserve a community there is a small reservation fee of $99 that will hold the area of your choosing while we determine your qualifications. Reservations will be awarded on a first come first serve date and time basis. If you are found not to qualify with in 24 hours the money will be refunded immediately. 
If you have any further questions or would just like to visit with our Licensee Representative! Click Here...
So, What Are you Waiting For?
We are currently launching all communities
in Utah.
It's an intellectual
property  grab!
Claim your
community now!
  • No Interest Financing is available after a reasonable down payment.
  • Payments come directly from profits. No Profits no payments.
Qualifying is determined from your work
back ground not your financial history.
(See qualifications form here.)
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once in a life time opportunities!

The Timing couldn't be more perfect...

...for Entrepreneurs such as you to come together in one of the most unique Small Business Environments that have been created by a storm brought on by the collision of two great marketing sources called...

Tradition and Digital Technologies.

Get Started Right Here ... Right Now!
It's The Beginning of The Next Generation Web Portal, And ...
  • technology,

  • marketing strategies

  • search engine & social media networks

  • e-mail & text message marketing tools

  • website structures, Blogs & Pod casts

  • business directories and shopping carts

  • …as well as hundreds of

  • software packages & automated services,

  • tracking devices & techniques

  • advertising platforms including mobile and wifi networks

Tradigicom360 (TD360) is currently offering this innovative innovative and powerful Community Based Marketing Platform to qualified individuals with the motivation, vision, passion and commitment to be a master entrepreneur. Our amazing platform offering dedicated and self driven Entrepreneurs a Turnkey business system that will provide the means for the local Small Business owners to become the Biggest Business Competitor In Town!


Currently Amazon, Walmart, Target & others are the biggest competitors in online retail but we are about to change all of that. And as we do the rewards will be un-measurable



…and, a plethora  of other digital marketing tools and techniques, like mobile devices of all shapes and sizes, Desk top computer applications that offer the very best Online & offline marketing strategies...
You Can Own A Piece Of It... Now!
It's A virtual Intellectual  Online Property  Grab ... Of The Most Powerful Marketing & E-commerce Platform
For "All Things Community" 
on the Internet!

"Now is the time to take action while the communities closest to you are

still available". 


Choose From one of more than 40 Communities
in Utah 

Our platform empowers each online community (city) to become the central hub for all things community online. Each community acts as a local distribution center where each of the local businesses provide their local products and services through the platform, making it the most organized and managed single place online location, where all local consumers can go to find everything community.


When you become a licensee... to one of our communities you will begin to assist thousands of Local Businesses to become the single BIGGEST Business in their town with searchable and purchasable products and services in one location online! Allowing them to compete with the very biggest big box stores in the industry. 
Need To Know More?
Here is a list of you will receive to start..

...manage and market your new GL2020 community business in your community of choice. We have prepared it and made it ready for you to present to all the businesses in your community with immediate revenue generation potential built in. Such as...


  1. A full blown community website with a directory and local shopping app

  2. A full suite of social media marketing automation for easy implementation!

  3. A full service business directory with more than 40,000 businesses already present with claim your listing capabilities for instantaneous business participation.

  4. Our unique and innovative e-commerce platform ready for the local businesses to register and start loading their products and services;

  5. Our new marketing platform that is about to become the most powerful, innovative and closest to market, Small Business Marketing platform for local searching, shopping and purchasing of the most relevant products and services.

  6. Complete and comprehensive Training and support seminars, webinars, workshops and Boot Camps via our "A Million Masters Academy" for you and your local business owners.

  7. An unparalleled local community and business alliance of all thingsa community coming together in one place on line to establish the most powerful online marketing and e-commerce portal for small local businesses ever!

  8. A complete array of Traditional marketing tools and resources already packaged and ready for  your area community marketplace.

  9. A comprehensive assortment of all digital marketing tools and resources packaged and ready for delivery through automated digital subscription based application or direct presentation.

  10. And, a Membership in our exclusive and comprehensive Corpre-Preneur Benefits package designed to give Entrepreneurs access to all Corporate type services and support!


It's all Turnkey, which means it is just waiting for you to put it to work through our powerful all encompassing platform for unifying all local entities, such as the Cities, Chambers Of Commerce, Merchant associations and all other groups & organizations, as well as the Small Business owners in all categories, into a "One Place for All Things Community" platform found at 

We Are Seeking Top Professional Business Managers for all Communities In Utah.

Own the exclusive Turnkey Marketing rights to the community of your choice in Utah!
  • Become A Community Licensee @ Tradigom360,
  • Meet Your Support and Mentoring Team
  • Start Your Training @ A Million Masters Academy
The Storm Is Here And It's Time To Ride It Out In Fashion and...
Get On Your way to becoming
the most Successful Entrepreneur Ever.
Note: It's in your best interest to act quickly to become an Exclusive Community License in a community closest to where you live! Click here to see if you qualify Today!

Your Local Target Market

TD360 is currently launching a powerful new Level of Traditional & Digital (TraDigital) Marketing tools for small locally owned businesses to reach their local consumers and enable them to compete with the big box stores that are currently dominating the local online consumers. community every level. The objective of this innovative plan is to provide the most recent technologies and marketing strategies I call the TraDigital marketing strategies for the locally owned small businesses.